Today was the first really good day of the year. Sunny all day and pleasantly warm. Well you could have put money on that happening given that the schools went back today after the Easter holidays. The last two weeks have been absolutely freezing here. We are so close to the North Sea and we have had the usual haar (sea mist) to put up with. This year everything has been so slow in the garden but at last it has come back to life and is full of very fat bees. Last year was the worst that I can remember for dead bees, they desperately need a good summer too.
This Pieris is one of my favourite shrubs. My dad had one in his garden and I can remember him buying it at the garden nursery at Rhu near Helensburgh when I was a wee girl. I think it has been taken over by Dobbies now, which is a real shame. Anyway, I always wanted one for my garden – and now I have three of them. The Euphorbia Fireglow in front of it isn’t bad either. Optimism is in the air.

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