Munduff near Scotlandwell

As you can see, we actually made it up to the top of Munduff despite the fact that it was a steaming hot day. The island in the middle of Loch Leven is where Mary Queen Of Scots was imprisoned. It looks tiny here but is actually quite big.

We nearly had the whole place to ourselves, there were just a few other people daft enough to tackle the climb, and of course there were the gliders.

The one on the left is a hang-glider. There were microlights too.

At one point I thought we wouldn’t make it, but with plenty of rests (collapses) along the way we managed it, with a lot of peching and panting. It took us about an hour and a half.

On one of our stops we calculated that it must have been 15 years since we walked these hills. That time we went up the Bishop Hill.

Unfortunately it was a bit too bright and some of the photographs came out a bit colour drained, I tried to darken them a wee bit.

At the top it was very windy but that was just what we needed to cool us down. The picture doesn’t give the true impression of how high up we were.

So if you find yourself near Scotlandwell or Kinnesswood in Perth and Kinross and you fancy a good hill walk, park your car at the side of the church and cross the road. Then walk down the hill a wee bit and there is a path with some steps leading up to Munduff and Bishop Hill.

I think that children from about the age of 12 should be able to tackle this walk. Get them away from the T.V. and computer and although they will probably moan all the way, they’ll boast about it to their friends.

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