Scottish words: wersh

You might have noticed in an earlier blogpost that I described some white wine as being wersh.

Wersh means – very sour and at the same time dry. So drinking something which is wersh has the opposite effect from what you would want.

It draws your mouth in and generally makes you screw your face up; not nice. It certainly does nothing for a thirst.

Apparently, some people use the word wersh to mean something which is edible but has no taste. I’ve never heard it used in that way, but it might be a regional difference.

3 thoughts on “Scottish words: wersh

    • Evee,
      My husband had to ask me what it meant, just a few years ago. He is Scottish but his Granny was English so his mother didn’t learn the words and so he doesn’t know so many. It was used a lot in my family home. A disappointing orange was always described as ‘wersh’.

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