When I was visiting my local library the other day I noticed that they had put up a new display of book-cover posters. In particular, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World caught my eye, very deco-ish.

Anyway I thought I would have a look around the internet to see how much the posters cost. And the answer is: Quite a lot unless they’re in the sale, which you will see if you take a look here.

Mind you, I don’t even know why I bothered looking because all of our walls are more than well covered already so we have no space for anything that might have taken my fancy.

Still it was quite a nice walk down memory lane. I’m sure that I had the nursery version of Alice in Wonderland that they have, but sadly I couldn’t find the Hansel and Gretel which I loved when I was wee and which I’ve been looking for ever since my mum gave it away.

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