Bargain Hunt at Edinburgh

It was the last antiques fair before Christmas at the Highland Showground at Ingliston near Edinburgh yesterday. We went along, not really with the intention of buying anything for ourselves because we’ve got enough ‘stuff’ really. But I thought it might be an opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done. Yes, I think that’s the first mention of that dreaded ‘Ch’ word here.

The BBC happened to be filming a Bargain Hunt programme at the time, unfortunately by the time I realised I could take some photographs of the proceedings – Tim Wonnacott had disappeared. But here are a couple of photographs of the blue team and their ‘expert’.

I ended up buying some books which I will get around to reading some time but I really bought them because of their bindings, and also they were really cheap. Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed book-bindings for Blackie and Son and I’m sure these are some of his.

I think they’re lovely anyway and I didn’t get around to reading Carlyle’s Heroes before I had to take it back to the library. This edition cost me a whole 1 of our Earth pounds!

I also bought some more old prints of Dumbarton Castle, Loch Lomond and one of Ravenscraig Castle. One Christmas present was bought, which I can’t say anything about because I want it to be a surprise. Thankfully we are sensible at that time of the year and really just stick with giving presents to close family members otherwise it just gets too silly and expensive.

So anyway, a good day out was had by all at Ingliston Antiques Fair.

4 thoughts on “Bargain Hunt at Edinburgh

  1. Those are lovely books, Katrina. I used to collect books with decorated bindings. It’s so rare to see that kind of artisanship anywhere these days, whether on books or buildings.

    In my collection are about thirty A & C Black travel books, with which I’m sure you’re familiar, being British books. I love old travel narratives, so these beautiful books fulfilled two interests. They were relatively inexpensive when I started buying them, but, as with everything I collected, got pricier. Many years ago, I was high bidder for two lots of them at an English auction – sight unseen!

    Like many others, I’m trying not to add to my book collection and am trying to just admire those collected by people like you! Congratulations on your purchases!

    • Joan,
      You’re right, it’s rare to see really lovely workmanship on books nowadays and when you do they cost an arm and a leg.

      I must admit that A&C Black travel books are completely unknown to me although I think I probably actually handled the more modern ones when I worked in libraries. Old ones must be really interesting. Thanks for the info – I googled A&C Black and found a bit about their history, they started out in Edinburgh. I have a few of their classic books.

      Books are a big, heavy problem, especially when you’re thinking about moving somewhere smaller. I can still hear the moans of our removal men when we moved here 22 years ago. We have so many more books now but I suppose there are worse addictions to have!

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