The Cutty Sark Sailing Ship

The Cutty Sark was in the news recently again, this time it was good news, something which seems to be thin on the ground at the moment. The refurbishment is going well and people will be able to visit her before much longer, they were lucky that a lot of her timbers were away for conservation at the time of the fire.

The ship went up in flames a couple of years ago at Greenwich, it was thought then that it was set on fire deliberately but the investigators discovered that someone had left an industrial vacuum cleaner switched on over the whole weekend and, surprise surprise, it caught fire! The fact that the 2 night-watchmen were asleep meant that by the time a passer-by discovered the fire the whole ship was ablaze.

Prince Philip was instrumental in getting the Cutty Sark to Greenwich. I think he should have made sure that she was returned to her place of birth at Dumbarton, the River Leven in fact, not the River Clyde as all the news reports stated.

It would have been great to have her at Dumbarton, she would have been a wonderful attraction for tourists who go to that beautiful area only to discover that there’s nothing for them to do there.

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It would have been a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters too as there would have been jobs and training schemes for those involved with it. I like to think that she would have been looked after better at Dumbarton, well they didn’t make a very good job of it at Greenwich.

As ever, it seems that all good things have to go to the London area, as if tourists never go anywhere else in Britain.

If you’re interested in the history of Clyde and River Leven shipbuilding then you might like this book which has lots of photos and information on the many shipyards on the rivers.

2 thoughts on “The Cutty Sark Sailing Ship

  1. We saw the Cutty Sark years ago, before the fire. What a beautiful ship! I’m glad to hear she’s being restored.
    We have a beautiful ship here in Philadelphia that is just rusting away. The S.S. United States, a luxury passenger liner also built for possible military use. Her maiden voyage was in 1952 (the year of my birth, so I feel a special attachment to her!), so she’s not awfully old. She broke the trans-Atlantic speed records in both directions and, I believe, still holds one of those records.
    The shipyard in Philly is going out of business, so it seems that restoring this ship would be a great thing for them and for her. But with all the billions of dollars this country wastes, they (it’s not OUR government anymore!) aren’t interested in coming up with the money to save this ship and many jobs. The lunatics are running the asylum.

    • Joan,
      I’ve avoided London for years, just because I don’t like it much so I haven’t seen the Cutty Sark, I might go when she’s finished though. I had a look at the many images of S.S. United States, she was a beauty but so sad now and as you say she isn’t old. It’s a similar story to the QEII. She was built just up the river from us and when she was launched I was 10 and the whole school went to the nearby castle rock which sits on the River Clyde (top left of Pining). I was right at the front waving as she sailed past, never thinking that she would be the last big Clyde built cruise ship. My brothers both worked in the shipyards, as I would have if I had been a boy! All governments seem to be the same, I can see why some people don’t bother to vote.

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