Dunkeld Bridge and the River Tay

Bridge over Tay at Dunkeld

We parked the car at the Loch of the Lowes, intending to go for a good long walk around the loch, but it turned out that you can’t do that. We ended up walking to Dunkeld from there, which was a first for us. We thought that we were never going to get to the town, it seemed a lot further away than the signposts stated, I think they must have been country miles!

Anyway, by the time we got to Dunkeld we were pretty tired and didn’t feel up to doing our usual river walk along the ‘silveryTay’, so we just had a sit down by the cathedral and had a bit of a rest before making the very steep climb over the hill to the car park at the Loch of the Lowes again. We didn’t see any birds flying about at all, never mind ospreys, just loads of bird-watchers.

As usual we had great intentions of going further north but never did get around to it during the two week long spring holiday, which went past in a flash. Never mind, this coming Good Friday is another holiday and then there’s the royal wedding holiday, then the May Bank holiday and just to make things even weirder, the Easter weather forecast is really good. How rare is that!

6 thoughts on “Dunkeld Bridge and the River Tay

  1. Don’t tempt fate with the weather! But it is lovely at the moment.

    I have done some walking today as well, but forgot my camera! Oh well photos of the M27 at a distance might not be as wonderful as your pictures.

    • Jo,
      I’m not very good with roads so I Googled M27 – Hampshire, a part of the country which I don’t know at all. We used to live in Essex, for our sins! I’d be interested to see what it’s like around your area, even motorway!
      The whole country has been swathed in sunshine apart from, yes you’ve guessed it, the east coast of Scotland! We have had a sea mist rolling around us the whole day and so it’s freezing.
      I’m always forgetting my camera too.

  2. I do hope that the good weather forecast for Easter holds!

    And wish I had your string of holidays!! Our only holiday coming up is Memorial Day, the last of May. Never heard of ‘bank holidays’ til daughter moved to Scotland. What are they anyway? Seem to be quite frequent.

    I can understand Londoners (and surrounds) having a Royal Wedding holiday, because it’s probably going to be impossible to manuver traffic and whatnot anyway. But the whole UK?? I don’t get it.

    • Pearl,

      It was quite wet here today but it’s supposed to be better tomorrow. Bank holidays are days when banks shut and other businesses do too. Like yesterday was one because it was Good Friday, other bank holidays were originally called Empire Day and such like.
      We are getting the wedding as a holiday because the government is trying to make us feel good, it’s a ‘bread and circuses’ thing, or am I being cynical. Anyway loads of people will go to London for the wedding not only from the UK but all over the world, it always amazes me, esp. when you get a better view on the TV. Some neighbourhoods are having street parties but there won’t be many in Scotland. Lots of folks intend to be glued to the TV the whole day! Also, if the holiday was only for people in the south of England the rest of the country would not be happy about it.

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