Forth Bridges from the river

At the risk of being repetitive – here are some more photos of the bridges. I took these ones when we went on a boat trip over to Inchcolm. As you can see I took this photo from the stern of the boat. I wanted to get both bridges in the same photo.

Both Forth Bridges 2

I took this one just as we were going under the road bridge, you can just see a bit of it.

Both Forth Bridges 1

This photo is of the underside of the scary road bridge. You can see why it’s scary because it’s see through and it’s a bit disconcerting to be able to see the water far below you as you drive across. Drivers tend not to notice it as they’re concentrating on the road ahead but I know quite a few people who are nervy as passengers because of the design.

Forth Road Bridge

If you look closely you can see some of the bridge workers in their orange overalls hanging over the side having a look at the boat as we sailed under them. They’ve got a great view but rather them than me because if they fall off they have no chance of surviving!

Forth Bridge

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