The Old Kirk (again)

Despite the fact that we were being blasted to bits on the tower parapet we both managed to take quite a few photos. I like old graveyards and it was interesting to see this one from above. You can see that there is quite a lot of space given to each lair. I think some of the gravestones have disappeared over the years but even so when you compare it with the graveyard at the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth which is absolutely crammed with graves it’s easy to see how they got into trouble there.

You can just see what was the original manse at the top left of the photo. They have a huge garden and typically it’s all just grass. Why is it that non-gardeners always get the biggest gardens? It’s one of those ‘sod’s law’ things!

The graveyard from the tower

This cute wee turrety building is in the grounds of the church. I don’t know what it’s used for now – if anything, but I think originally it must have been inhabited by whoever looked after the church and graveyard or maybe the session clerk. As you can see, it’s quite a long way down from that tower.

Across from the house you can see a hideous cream coloured building which was built some time in the 20th century. It replaced the school and house where Thomas Carlyle lived and taught for a couple of years.

Turrety house

And this is another one of the memorial stained glass windows. Photos don’t really show up how beautiful they are.

Stained glass window (east)

This is the Old Kirk from the bottom of Kirk Wynd and the turrety building, you can see the parapet which I took the photos from.

Kirk Wynd

4 thoughts on “The Old Kirk (again)

  1. I enjoy your photos of local areas. Makes me feel like I am on a tour without getting blown away.

    It looks quite high up looking down on the graveyard. The windows are beautiful and I agree you have to be there in person to appreciate them fully.

    • Jo,
      Thanks. I’m nearly always disappointed with photos, somehow they never look as good as I think they should but especially so with something like stained glass. It’s still very windy here but it’s going to be all change on Friday – colder and wet, just in time for the weekend!

  2. Hey Katrina, these foties take me back to 1969!, as a student at Heriot-Watt University, I worked my summer Hols with Joseph Mason & co. Paint distributors based in the building with the red/white canopy just doon frae the auld kirk. Guess who’s job it was to go for the pies & cookies tae the Carlton Bakers on the High St?.

    • John,
      My Goad, that’s well afore ma time in Kirkcaldy! The red and white canopied building has ay been The Pancake Place tae me, an av been kickin aboot this place since afore 1980. It’s lang syne the wee yins hud tae go fur the messages. Ah mind well when ah hud tae get the milk in fur the library that ah worked in! It’s guid tae know that ye survived the Carltons vibrantly hued cake icing!

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