John Steinbeck – Voice of America

I don’t know about you, but I often miss TV programmes which I would definitely have watched, if only I had looked at the TV schedules. So at 10.30 last night I realised that I had missed a BBC documentary about John Steinbeck and luckily I had time to watch it on the iPlayer this morning because if I don’t view it quickly then I won’t get around to it at all. Voice of America with Melvyn Bragg will be fascinating to anyone interested in John Steinbeck’s work or American history.

I looked it up on You Tube TV and according to that, there are ways of watching it if you can’t view it through the iPlayer. It’s well worth giving it a go anyway!

4 thoughts on “John Steinbeck – Voice of America

  1. Hello Katrina – it has been an age since I commented, I moved studio’s, a massive undertaking! We have open studio’s this weekend so its been busy busy. I had to take the time to take a quick peek here and remembered just loving Of Mice and Men, I read it at school and bought it to read again many years later, I will try to listen to this program. Looking forward to having the time (soon) to read your older posts!

    • Michelle,
      It’s weird but I was just wondering today how you were getting on. The financial climate is dire at the moment for people embarking on new ventures, so I’m told anyway! I hope your weekend goes well and that you’re pleased with your new studio. I read The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men when I was at school too and loved them. I also loved Travels with Charley which I read recently, it’s entirely different and well worth reading.

  2. Hi I happened upon a copy of this documentary on youtube. Melvyn Bragg is clearly a fan of Steinbeck his love of JS’s writing really showed. I really enjoyed it, for anyone who may be interested but missed it the video is here;

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