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It has only been around a month since I blogged about a terrible hurricane/gale that we had which has since been nicknamed Hurricane Bawbag, and that was the worst one that I had experienced since we moved to this house 24 years ago. Well I didn’t have long to wait for the next one. Last night we ended up downstairs in an attempt to get away from the really terrifying noise of it all. That’s a first because although I’ve ended up downstairs before, Jack has always been happy to stay in bed upstairs.

It was quieter downstairs because we didn’t have the noise of the wind howling through the roofspace and rattling all the slates and it didn’t sound as if the windows were about to fall in. We didn’t get back to sleep so ended up watching the mayhem on News 24.

The wind reached a speed of 102 miles per hour near Edinburgh – guess who lives near Edinburgh! We’ve had a bit of a look around and found that a few slates have been ripped off, some guttering has fallen down and my greenhouse has four broken panes of glass and the skylight/vent had been torn off completely. It could have been a lot worse I suppose as a couple of people in England have lost their lives although the wind there wasn’t so bad. Last winter it was all snow and ice but so far this one has been mainly howling gales. Again all of the bridges were completely shut.

We were lucky and haven’t had any disruptions to our power so we just battened down the hatches as best we could and enjoyed watching Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, one from my Christmas boxed set. It’s a good laugh. And in the afternoon Casablanca was on the TV. How many times have I watched that film?! I still love it. So all in all, not a bad day,but a very lazy one!

6 thoughts on “More Wild Weather

  1. It was certainly pretty stormy down here, the worst being earlier rather than later, but if it was that bad, then I slept through it!! Wonder what they’ll call this one!

    • Evee,
      That’s what I was thinking, I suppose it should really begin with a C – but maybe not. I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you yet. I think I’ll wait until the weather has settled down, I don’t fancy being stranded in Edinburgh. There are no trains here at the moment. Duncam slept through it in Dundee!!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re fine after the storm. They can be so scary. We were used to nor’easters in New England, but down here in Philadelphia they have some wicked, scary thunderstorms. Lightning so close and so rapid it’s like a strobe light. I don’t like those storms. Stay safe. Nothing like Bringing Up Baby to help take your mind off the fright!

    • Joan,
      We hardly ever have thunder and lightning so they seem quite exciting but obviously they’re wee baby ones compared with your experiences which don’t sound like fun. I’d probably be under the stairs with my wellies on!

  3. Glad to hear you are okay. Did think about you when inward about the power and the bridge closures.a

    Glad you had your films to keep you occupied!

    • Jo,
      If the weather continues like this I’ll soon have finished my boxed sets! I thought it must be quite bad down your way too as that poor man got felled by an oak tree.

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