Beatrice Goes To Brighton by M.C. Beaton

I had no idea that M.C. Beaton was a Scot, never mind a fellow Glaswegian until very recently, about five minutes ago actually. I haven’t even seen Hamish McBeth on TV, she wrote those books too. I’ve been meaning to start reading her Agatha Raisin/crime series but I want to start it from the beginning and I haven’t got a hold of the first one yet. So when I saw Beatrice Goes To Brighton in the library I thought I might as well give it a go, even although romance is not my favourite thing.

If you’re looking for holiday/bedtime reading or just something which you don’t have to concentrate on too much then this is the perfect choice. Good light reading and a bit of a laugh now and again. The funniest bits for me were when the characters get all romantic – a la Mills and Boon, it reminded me of when I used to work in a library and to cheer ourselves up in the morning, just before we unlocked the door to let in the public, we used to take turns at opening a Mills and Boon and reading the very last page out loud – in a very plummy voice. Such fun!

In this one Miss Pym, who has had some success as a romantic matchmaker in the past is travelling to Brighton by stage-coach and comes into contact with the 28 year old Lady Beatrice who has recently become a widow, much to her relief. Beatrice had been married off to an older man who was a gambler and boozer, unfortunately it took him 10 years to slowly drink himself to death, by which time he had gone through most of his money.

It wasn’t long before Beatrice’s parents were trying to marry her off again to the ghastly Sir Geoffrey. Can Miss Pym help Beatrice?

Thanks again to Jo at The Book Jotter for pointing me in M.C. Beaton’s direction.

6 thoughts on “Beatrice Goes To Brighton by M.C. Beaton

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It is a bit of light escapism. I have never read any mills and boon but can imagine what fun librarians have when the public are unaware.

    I have not read Hamish Macbeth books but I remember the tv programme, want to get through Agatha Raisin and I only havea couple more travelling matchmaker to get through. I got some Edwardian romances she done on my kindle a few weeks ago when they were cheap, so plenty to keep me going for a long while with this author.

    • Jo,
      She’s written an amazing amount of books, under various different names. Thinking about it I think Beaton’s regency romances are more like Barbara Cartland books but with tongue firmly in cheek!
      I heard a bit of an Agatha Raisin book on radio 4 extra and it sounded good fun.

    • Peggy,
      I have such a lot of catching up to do with M.C. Beaton but I’m looking forward to reading them all, eventually. I wonder why the matchmaker series isn’t available in the US!

    • Evee,
      I don’t know how I missed seeing Hamish, it was wildly popular at the time but doesn’t seem to have been repeated since, or am I still missing it!

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