Creative Stitches – again

As I was saying before, it’s sometimes difficult to see the difference between quilts and embroideries. I think it’s probably just that some wadding/batting is used in the quilt whereas embroideries are just layers of material and stitches. Anyway, these ones are definitely quilts as they were part of an exhibition of the Quilters’ Guild.

The name of the exhibition was The Song of the Clyde, the Clyde is obviously the river which runs through Glasgow and was/is famous for shipbuilding. I suppose these were quilted by the Glasgow branch of the guild.

I think this one of cranes is my favourite.
Song of the Clyde Quilt

But this one was fab too.

Song of the Clyde

I was so busy chatting to the lady from the Quilter’s Guild that I didn’t get a chance to read what this one was all about. Gorgeous colours though!
Song of the Clyde Quilt

The one below is much more muted but still lovely.

Song of the Clyde

I presume the red shapes are the propellers of ships.

Song of the Clyde

And this one is made from an old linen map which has been sliced up and interspersed with fabric which has been quilted.

Map Quilt

There were so many beautiful quilts on show, this is just a few of them. Of course there were lots of DO NOT TOUCH notices about, which was understandable, but honestly I had to go about hanging on to my camera round my neck because they’re all so temptingly tactile looking.

4 thoughts on “Creative Stitches – again

  1. oh my! I love the second one – with the chain. The mixed media is so creative. And I like the one with the gold hulls and red props. Nice. I would have loved this!

    • Pearl,
      There are some seriously talented women about and as these ‘quilts’ are so much smaller than bed sized it makes me want to tackle something like that myself. Maybe in another 50 years or so I’d manage it!

  2. I love to admire quilting work, but not being a needlewoman I couldm’t do it! I did once try my hand at a duvet cover – large hexagons, hand sewing – got bored, and gave the thing away! My friend Morag has some cracking quilts she’s done! She did City and Guilds!

    • Evee,
      I had a look at City and Guilds courses but of course none of them are handy to get too. I tried a small hexagon one back in the year dot and then I decided to make it into a cushion rather than a quilt! It’s still lying at the bottom of a basket.

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