Mid Week Autumn Break

We’ve just got back from a mid week autumn break and as usual we’re glad to get back to our own bed and have a rest after all the running around we’ve been doing.

We were staying close to York which is a place we used to visit quite regularly when our boys were wee so but when we counted back we realised that it was about 18 years since we had been there. It doesn’t change though and it was still crowded with tourists, like us, marvelling that the buildings are still standing.

Book wise York was a bit of a disappointment, it was slim pickings and I didn’t see any Thirkells at all anywhere. In desperation I ended up going on the internet to see if I was missing any second-hand bookshops, it was horrible to see a list of shops which had closed written beside their details. Apart from the Oxfam bookshop we could only find one second-hand bookshop, a bit of a shock in what is after all a university city.

We also visited Ripon, another cathedral city, very much smaller than York I think but the cathedral was nice and welcoming and they were setting up an art exhibition whilst we were there which looked interesting. Well worth a visit if you’re in that area.

National Trust wise we visited the Treasurer’s House in York, Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal, and on the way home we visited Cragside in Northumberland which is an amazing place. We had wanted to go to Lindisfarne but just didn’t have enough time. Luckily we had good weather but when we stopped off at Wooler, a small market town in Northumberland the wind was absolutely freezing. Wooler weather they call it, it felt several degrees colder than at Powburn just ten miles or so to the south of Wooler, and strangely when we stopped again at Coldstream just over the Scottish border it didn’t seem nearly so cold there. Wooler feels like it’s in the Artic Circle.

Anyway, that’s me back on that perennial Brit topic of conversation – the weather. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have sorted out some photos of our trip.

4 thoughts on “Mid Week Autumn Break

  1. How I wish I could visit bookshops around Great Britain. My friends just picked me up a lovely totebag from Oxford’s Blackwell’s Books. Also another British blogger was at Barter Books. How long a trip is it to York?
    Also..heard a comment on TV about heavy rain and flooding in Scotland. Any info? Hope all is well.

    • Lorraine,
      Margaret @BooksPlease goes to Barter Books regularly as she lives nearby, I’ve just been once but thought they were quite expensive for anything I wanted to buy. From Edinburgh it’s about 200 miles to York and it takes about 3 hours by car.
      When we were driving back we heard on the news that one house in Fife had been washed away in a flood!! So we were a bit worried but although the roads were wet and a lot of fields were flooded, our place was fine apart from a squelchy garden.
      BTW I can’t find you on Facebook.

  2. I’m under Lorraine Slattery. I only use Wacob for my new Scottish blogging friend- you! Your weather, unrelenting rain, sounds like ours last October along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.

    • Lorraine,
      Aha, I’ll look for you under that name then, mind you I still haven’t done anything on Facebook.
      It seems that loads of places all around the world are getting much more rain than they used to – global warming I suppose.

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