The Last Dandy

Or should it be the first Dandy? DC Thomson, the publishers of The Dandy sent me an invitation to attend their pre-launch do for the digital version of the famous comic, unfortunately I couldn’t get to Dundee on Monday so I had to decline.

The Dandy was a staple in most homes with children since it was first published in 1938. In my very sexist home it was my brother who got it every week, he was partial to the Topper and Beezer too, whilst I got Mandy, Judy, Bunty and latterly Jackie, but of course I still read The Dandy and in common with most folks my favourite character was Desperate Dan and his cow pies. I seem to remember that he used to chew rusty nails too. Have a look here at the amazing amount of different comics and magazines which they’ve published over the years.

I must admit though that my boys weren’t interested in the comic at all although they enjoyed The Broons and Oor Wullie annuals at Christmas. In fact it wouldn’t have been Christmas without them and we still have them all.

DC Thomson tried to update The Dandy over the years to appeal to the modern generation but the readership still dwindled, and I suspect that more adults read it for nostalgic reasons than did the youngsters, so it was probably a bit of a waste of time trying to modernise it as the older generation would no doubt have been happier with more of the usual fare.

So, The Dandy has gone digital and will have interactive games and such to attract a new generation of readers. I really hope it works, from what I’ve seen on TV it looks good, the bright colours are perfect for viewing on an e-reader or computer, so fingers crossed for them.

As you can imagine DC Thomson had a big influence in Dundee in the east of Scotland where the firm is based, but I was amazed to discover when I met my first Dundonian at the tender age of 21, that they actually used the words topper and beezer in every day conversation. Then that same Dundonian told me that there was actually a family called Brown who live in Glebe Street, that’s nothing unusual I thought as it’s such a common name but it was only then that the penny dropped that Broons were supposed to be Browns. Silly me!

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about have a look at some images here.

Here’s a peek at the digital Dandy.

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