Pearl Harbor Day

Well it’s that day again, December 7th, which would have been my mum’s birthday if she had still been alive. As she always said Pearl Harbor whenever she was asked for her date of birth, I always think of that day too.

Here are some images of this day 71 years ago and of the present day memorials. If you don’t know anything about it have a look here.

10 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Day

  1. Sad for the loss of your mom, Katrina. Hope memories bring you peace.

    I see the memorial on my way home from work most days. Hard to imagine the hell that peaceful harbor (full of warships) became that morning.

    I’ve posted a couple of my personal photos of the memorial on my Facebook page (I no longer keep a blog.)

    • Pearl,
      At least my mum got a fair innings as she was 75 when she died, my dad only just made it to 55.

      I’ll hop over to Facebook. I thought you must have given up on blogging.

      • I found it too time consuming..especially wth my travel schedule. I can do Facebook from my phone from the road ( and I reach more folks that way anyway.). 😉

        • Pearl,
          Yes, it’s different for me as blogging is my way of getting out and about as I don’t go out to work. My eldest son blogged for about 10 years but has more or less given up since he graduated and started working.

    • Anbolyn,
      Thankfully Pearl Harbor now looks as peaceful as you would expect of something with such a pretty name. The attack happened on her 16th birthday so she was never going to forget it but I have to say that she was a bit obsessed with the war, like lots of her generation – and now we’re all reading wartime novels, well I am, comfort reads for horrible times!

      • Wow, that would make you never forget turning 16!

        There is a patron at the library who was stationed in England during the war and was a navigator on a bomber that flew missions over Germany – I love hearing his stories. He always remarks that his children and grandchildren have no interest in hearing about his experiences – so sad, really. I find them truly fascinating!

        • Anbolyn,
          Seriously you should get his memories down on tape somehow before it’s too late. I think it was around the war’s 60th anniversary that the BBC asked people to put down their memories so that they weren’t lost to future generations. He was lucky to survive!

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