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We went to Perth yesterday to have a look at the sales, but there wasn’t anything worth buying in the shops, unless you are teeny weeny or enormous, there seemed to be no sizes in between, I supppose I didn’t get there fast enough! The Oxfam bookshop had a few good books, as usual, so it was worthwhile going there just for that. I got two by O. Douglas and a Virago.

Luckily the Perth Museum and Art Gallery is a very short walk from the high street so we ended up having a look around there. They always have some lovely Scottish glass and silver on permanent exhibition as well as lots of other interesting things but at the moment they have two travelling exhibitions on which are worthwhile seeing but you can get a bit of an idea of them online if you can’t manage to get to Perth yourself.

The first one we looked at was the Robert Mapplethorpe photograph exhibition.

The second one was the story of the excavation, recovery and conservation of a 3,000 year old logboat. Apart from the Carpow log boat itself, which is in incredible condition, you can also see videos of the actual excavation from the River Tay.

Well, the museum was more enjoyable than the high street, and a lot less crowded!

2 thoughts on “Perth Museum and Art Gallery

  1. What an interesting day. I have to say, I would have given the shops a miss! Glad you got some books though. Which O Douglases did you get?

    • Evee,
      I usually avoid the sales, I obviously had a mental aberration this year, which I won’t be repeating! I bought The Day of Small Things and Jane’s Parlour, both by O. Douglas and the Virago is called Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner. I’ve not heard of her but the blurb sounds interesting. There’s a Guardian review here which I obviously missed earlier in the year.

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