Spring Flowers

How are you coping with the winter? I shouldn’t really complain because we’ve had practically no snow, so far, but all the towns around us had snow which means that we haven’t been very far afield, after all there’s no point in driving into dodgy weather and icy roads.

But I can’t wait for spring and I’ve been having a look at my garden, the daffodils are just green spikes poking about two or three inches above the earth, and today I discovered two snowdrops which should be flowering in a few days. There should be more of them but I see it as something of a miracle that there are any about to flower at all because the soil seems have been sodden for most of last year really and I thought that the bulbs might have rotted.

Anyway the fact that my garden was such a disappointment last year is making me all the more impatient for things to get going now, so I ended up buying myself some spring flowers and I thought you might like a glimpse of them.

flowers 2

Well, they’ve cheered me up!

10 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. They do bring a bit of spring to you, don’t they? Since I’m gardenless, I have to treat myself to flowers weekly. I had alstroemeria and a hyacinth last week, but I think some daffodils or tulips would be nice.

  2. Hi, Katrina,
    The “flame” tulips are my favorite variety! And coupled with the jonquils(?), they are especially lovely. since we’re supposedly in the midst of a terrible snowstorm, they brighten up my afternoon a lot!


    • Judith,
      I suppose they are jonquils, definitely not narcissus anyway, but we generally just call them daffs for short. They’re just the sort that Wordsworth wrote about. He wrote about a host of golden daffodils whilst his sister noted in her diary that they had seen a few daffodils, but then she was no poet and probably had to cook the dinner! I’m glad these ones brightened up your afternoon.

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