Lucy Mangan – on secondhand bookshops

I always enjoy Lucy Mangan’s column in the Guardian Weekend section but this week’s is about secondhand bookshops. So just in case you don’t read the Guardian routinely, but also have a love for those wonderful serendipitous shops, I thought I would link to her article
which you can read here.

Now I’m just annoyed that Norfolk is so far away from me and I didn’t find any of the bookshops when we were near there briefly last year.

4 thoughts on “Lucy Mangan – on secondhand bookshops

  1. A great article, thanks for sharing! I completely agree with her when she says, “But only in a secondhand bookshop can you discover things you didn’t know you wanted. Only here will you find latent tastes and interests stirring at every turn. Only here will you discover that your reading appetite encompasses…” And I feel a tiny bit less guilty about my TBR stacks – most of which I’ve collected at used-book stores.

    • Lisa,
      Secondhand bookshops have become a bit of an obsession for me so it’s great to meet like minded people and remember that there are much worse habits to have. I think I’m going to have to ban myself from the library for a while though – again – to concentrate on my stacks.

    • Lorraine,
      Let’s hope that there are still bookshops around then, what with the internet it’s more and more difficult for them to compete and it’s just not the same looking at books online. You don’t get that book smell for one thing!

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