Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains by Catriona McPherson

Dandy Gilver just gets better and better. In this book she has to take a crash course in the mysteries of being a lady’s maid from Grant, her own lady’s maid, so that she can take up the position in an Edinburgh household.

Walburga Balfour, the lady of the house has written to Dandy asking for her help as she is sure that her husband is trying to kill her. Working under the name of Miss Rossiter, Dandy is accepted by the rest of the house staff, all twelve of them. It isn’t long before things take an unexpected turn and Dandy’s sleuthing begins in earnest, helped by her trusty Alec of course.

The story takes place during the nine days of the General Strike in 1926 and Catriona McPherson has obviously done her research, so as well as an entertaining mystery I learned a lot about what was going on in Edinburgh and the surrounding district at that time. A great read.

9 thoughts on “Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains by Catriona McPherson

  1. Good grief. You started me on a new series, which of course I’ll have to read in order. Good thing my library has most of them! Is Catriona a Scottish name? I never heard of it but it’s pretty. Never thought “Katrina” was a Scottish name, but my Liverpudlian friend set me straight.

    • Lorraine,
      I hope you enjoy the Dandy books when you get around to them. Catriona is the Gaelic spelling of Katrina, which is of course just the Scottish version of Katherine. Catriona should be pronounced the same way as Katrina too but some people insist on pronouncing the ‘io’. It’s really a ‘glide’ vowel which is barely heard, just slightly sing-song in sound, if you happen to speak Gaelic, which I don’t. That Liverpudlian friend of yours is coming in handy for you!

      • My daughter’s name is Catherine and we call her Katie, now Kate. I was pronouncing each vowel separately in Catriona. I’m learning so much.

        • Lorraine,
          I have heard people called Catriona sound out all the vowels, silly girls! I was supposed to be called Katherine after an aunt but she suggested they call me the Scottish version, so they did. She didn’t like being called Kathy as they all were then. We now have a Laura Kate in the family, my son’s fiancee.

  2. I have only recently gotten a copy of the first of this series and I am excited about giving it a try. I hope I can fit it in soon. Your reviews keep encouraging me to read this series.

    • TracyK,
      I do really enjoy Catriona McPherson’s writing and I don’t think it’s just because I know all the locations well. I hope you like it too, I always feel a bit nervous when I’ve encouraged people to read books – just in case they hate them!

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