Frances – the Bake Off winner.

For once my favourite to win this year’s Great British Bake Off actually won. I was rooting for Frances all the way. If you are interested you can read more about her and the Bake Off here.

I love her clever designs so I wasn’t surprised to find out that she is a children’s clothes designer. Although she was originally criticised by the judges for having more interest in the look of her food rather than the flavours, she obviously learned from her earlier mistakes and deserved to win.

I’m still not happy that James Morton didn’t win last year as he seemed to me to be by far the best baker. He had great taste in Fair Isle jumpers too!

4 thoughts on “Frances – the Bake Off winner.

  1. Fully agree, just loved Frances from the beginning – her sensitivity to all aspects of baking: we eat also with our eyes!
    (still, I was so sorry to witness all the negativity on the social media…)

    • Patty,
      I don’t do Twitter so I didn’t realise that there was so much nastiness going on, it was all a bit childish from what I can gather. You’re so right, food has to look appetising first otherwise you don’t even want to try eating it.

  2. I am still not sure about Frances, there was something too perfect about her baking and the emphasis on style. However I agree she did listen, learn and move forward, so I commend her for that.

    Not sure I will be going to that much trouble next time I bake!

    • Jo,
      I doubt that I would be able to match her artistry although I’ve had a go with kid’s birthday cakes in the past – good fun. I was even more on her side when they mentioned last night that she is the youngest of five kids, just as I am!

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