Scottish Book Trust: vote for your favourite Scottish book

The Scottish Book Trust is looking for people’s favourite Scottish novel of the past 50 years. If you want to vote you can do so here.

I must admit that the list of books to choose from is quite different from any list which I would compile but then, I’ve read hardly any of the titles, although I have read different books by a lot of the authors.

It’s news to me that some of the authors are even seen as being Scottish. Apparently Michel Faber lives in Scotland but was born in the Netherlands, so the Dutch see him as being Dutch although he doesn’t write in Dutch and the Australians also claim him as he has lived there in the past.

8 thoughts on “Scottish Book Trust: vote for your favourite Scottish book

  1. Very interesting list of books. I have read none of them. I have read books by a few of the authors. It will be interesting to see what is picked.

    • TracyK,
      I think I’ve read only about 5 of the books but 13 of the authors. I have quite a few of the books sitting on shelves unread though. If the Denise Mina one wins I’ll be amazed and aghast.

  2. Hi, Katrina,
    The only book I *think??* I’ve read is the Ian Rankin. I know for sure that either Ken or I did, and I’m pretty sure it was me, but that’s it.

    I love the showcase of book covers–they intrigue me more than anything, and I think this weekend I’ll look them up and see which ones I’d like to read.

    I do wonder, though, what prompted them to choose these particular titles and not others? Maybe they’re trying to highlight the authors’ lesser-known works? Anyway, they’ve piqued my curiosity.

    In any case, I do feel strongly that they should pick a true-blue Scottish writer. Do you?


    • Judith,
      That’s one of the few which I have read too. I don’t know how they came to choose these titles, I wish I did know – eeny meeny?
      People who move to Scotland often end up being more Scottish than the Scots, a bit like people who convert to a religion like Catholicism are often gung ho for it. But there is a distinct type of Scots writing, just as there is distinct Scots music, anyone can play it but only Scots can write it authentically I think. It’s all tied up with the Presbyterian atmosphere of the country – I think.

    • Lisa,
      I’ve not read anything by Dunnett, but she is at least genuinely Scottish. There are quite a few authors who should have made the list I think, but I suppose you can say that of any list. I have a feeling that historical fiction isn’t taken that seriously by so called literary types.

  3. I’ve not read any of them either but do have a couple of them on my shelf. I’ll have to investigate further! And yes the author should be true blue born and bred Scot to make this list.

    • Peggy Ann,
      The problem is that for some reason when people move to Scotland they often want to be Scottish and are happy to become adoptive Scots, and lots of people here are happy to claim them as Scots too!

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