Books and a dental mishap

Last night I fancied a treat so I unwrapped a creme egg, my first of the season. I actually paused before chomping into it because that first bite is always a bit scary as the chocolate is so thick at the top. The worst happened I’m afraid and a front capped tooth sheered off, so I had an unexpected trip to my dentist in Glenrothes today to begin to get it all sorted out. I’m now exactly like that girl in the advert which warns you to take care of your teeth – or else!

Anyway, after the dentist I had a look around the town and went into The Works, more in hope than expectation really because their choice of books has been dire the last year or so, but I was in luck. They were having a stock liquidation sale and they had quite a lot of books at the princely sum of £1 each and amazingly there were four that were worth buying. So I bought:

The Land of Green Ginger by Winifred Holtby. I read and enjoyed South Riding years ago and I’ve been meaning to read this one for ages.

Marking Time by Elizabeth Jane Howard
. Apparently this one was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour but I missed it. I like her writing, sadly she died just a week or so ago, but I suppose she had a good innings – as THEY say.

Every Man for Himself by Beryl Bainbridge
. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of her books, this one is yet another Titanic setting which did put me off a bit because I think that that subject has been overdone in the past but I’m sure I’ll enjoy this, if that’s the word in the circumstances.

And lastly, Some Must Watch by Ethel Lina White. I’ve never heard of this author before but it’s vintage crime and apparently this book inspired the classic film The Spiral Staircase. I thought that would have been inspired by the Mignon Eberhart book of the same title, but I bow to their superior knowledge!

Crazily, on the way home I dropped into the museum shop as it’s a good place to get unusual cards and I made the mistake of hopping into the library next door, which due to the refurbishment is now only one step away. I couldn’t resist the new books shelves and ended up borrowing:

The Doll – short stories by Daphne du Maurier
Secrets of the Sea House by Elisabeth Gifford
The Comforters by Muriel Spark
Summer by Edith Wharton

I’m trying to read my way through everything by du Maurier. I think it was Peggy who mentioned Elisabeth Gifford, but I haven’t read anything by her yet. The Muriel Spark book will count towards the Read Scotland 2014 challenge and I’m also trying to read my way through everything by Wharton, so that was a great haul of shiny new books. Now I just need the time to read them all!

You might want to have a listen to Pam Ayres reciting her poem – I wish I’d Looked After My Teeth. – It’s exactly how I feel although of course I don’t have her rural English accent. But ‘tak tent’ (pay attention) as we say or used to say in Scotland, and if I ever eat another creme egg I’m thinking that I might just bash it on the head with my rolling pin, to soften it up first. If you have a better idea of how to go about eating one safely, let me know!

17 thoughts on “Books and a dental mishap

  1. I just had to tell you that I have a bad tooth and am having a root canal on a tooth tomorrow. I have been out of work all week with a sinus infection and then my tooth acted up. I did not get a trip to the bookstore after my two trips to dentists today, but I did get several books in the mail yesterday and today, so almost as good.

    • TracyK,
      It sounds like you are in a worse state than I am, I just can’t speak properly at the moment due to lack of tooth. I hope you’re better soon, at least your mail would have cheered you up. I think I’ll have to ban myself from bookshops and libraries for a while.

  2. I went to the dentist Wednesday to get a tooth pulled and he talked me into a root canal:( I didn’t get to go to a bookstore after either and I didn’t get any books in the mail either:( what a great haul you got, Katrina! Holtby is one I’ve been looking for and not had much luck over here across the pond. Love Elizabeth Jane Howard and so jealous of the Gifford book which will also count for Read Scotland! I think I have a Ethel Lina White in digital! Man I wish I lived near you!

    • Peggy,
      I’m sure that root canal treatment will be painless. The book gods have been smiling down on me for the last few weeks, I fell over some more today which I just had to buy! I only there were such a thing as the Star Trek transporter thingy!

    • Stefanie,
      That’s true but I have two more appointments for next week, I’ll have to avoid the shops as I must have bought about 20 books this year already – and they were all ones which I just couldn’t pass by!

  3. What a wealth of wonderful books you picked up–almost makes up for the trip to the dentist???

    I am about to start South Riding, and am expecting to enjoy Winifred Holtby, so I’ll be interested in hearing how you like The Land of Ginger Green. The title is promising at any rate!

    Enjoy those du Maurier short stories–she was really a master of the genre.

    • Jane GS,
      I enjoyed South Riding and The Land of Green Ginger’s cover is one of those lovely 1930s travel poster editions too.
      I have one book of du Maurier short stories which I enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. Its tooth week! I had an appt. to get one out and he talked me into a root canal! i didn’t get to go to a book shop after either, Tracy and no books came in the mail:( Loved the video, Katrina! I’m so jealous you got the Gifford book! It will work for the challenge too, set in Scotland. I love Elizabeth Jane Howard, always wanted to read Holtby but hard to find here. Just ordered Whiskey Galore from Paperbackswap!

  5. We must get much wimpier creme eggs here in the US! I’m sorry to hear about your tooth, and I hope the books were a bit of consolation.

    • Lisa,
      You’ll also have the advantage that you don’t have the thin enamel on your teeth which all Celts seem to have. The books were a big consolation and really I should know better by now, the last time something like that happened to me it was a chunky Kit Kat that did the damage – and I don’t eat that many sweets and biscuits – honest.

  6. Oh no! But what a fun story you have to tell now.
    I still have never read Winifred Holtby, though I’ve owned a copy of South Riding for ages. I think it might have something to do with not liking the TV series of it that was on a few years ago.
    I hope everything goes well with your tooth repair and that you enjoy all your new books.

    • Anbolyn,
      I bought even more books yesterday, a lovely Folio set of the Mapp and Lucia books – so cheap I couldn’t not buy them! I remember that I didn’t much like that South Riding series either, it’s so long since I read the book but I’m sure it was better. This dental appointment will be such an easy one compared with some I’ve had in the past.

  7. My worst nightmare! Of a dental nature, anyway…

    I have been afraid to bite directly into anything since I had my teeth ‘done’ several years ago. My front 2 teeth are veneered as they had ground down almost 1/4 inch by my overbite before I dredged up the nerve to go for the braces (at age 58!!) I’m terrified that I’m going to chip or dislodge the veneers one of these days, so I’m ultra careful.

    Glad you are okay and treated yourself to a book binge after.

    • Pearl,
      I remember you mentioned that you had had your teeth done when you were blogging. I just have terrible soft west of Scotland teeth, not helped by the soft water which we get there. I think that teeth are human design fault number 2, the first one being how babies get out! I think that we should have teeth something like Lego only better looking, and when one wears out we could just flick it out and replace it with another ourselves. Wishful thinking.

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