Classics Club Spin

This month number 20 came up in the Classics Club Spin, for me that means I’ll be reading Elizabeth von Arnim’s Love, which is quite a chunkster. I have it in paperback but I think I might read it on my Kindle. I always avoid breaking the spine of paperbacks but when they’re really thick it’s almost impossible to keep them pristine.

I’ve really enjoyed every book by von Arnim which I’ve read so I’m looking forward to reading Love, but I’ve just realised that I should be posting my thoughts on it on the 2nd of April – and we’re moving house on the 4th, so I’m going to be quite busy then. Oh well it’ll take my mind off the trauma of it all – I hope.

6 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin

  1. I didn’t realize Love was so long — I have a copy that I got from Paperback Swap, my copy is only about 300 pages. Maybe the print in my edition is teeny tiny! I also have The Caravaners and Mr. Skeffington, which I believe is a first edition. I’ve liked all her books so far but I think my favorite is Enchanted April.

      • Karen K,
        I was thinking exactly the same, I’ll need to have it all done and dusted before April. I really enjoyed He Knew He Was Right. I’m wondering which Trollope to go for next.

    • Karen K,

      I’m now wondering if my edition has some short stories in it too, I’ll have to have a close look. My favourite is Enchanted April too. Mine are mainly first editions, those nice green Heinemann books. I’ve read The Jasmine Farm, Vera, The Caravaners, In the Mountain, Christopher and Colombus, Fraulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther and of course Elizabeth and her German Garden which is the first one I found.

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