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I’ve been busy with family and house stuff and so I’ve had a wee bit of a blogging break, but I’ve just found time to hop over to a great new blog on the block, Joan has been a keen follower of many blogs and at last she has decided to start one of her own, Planet Joan – I love that name. I’m sure that Planet Joan will be a favourite place for lots of people to visit, do yourself a favour and have a keek!

On Sunday we had the opposite of a house warming party, a house cooling one. Well it wasn’t really a party, it was just the family here for their Sunday dinner, but it was the last time that we’ll all sit around the table in this house as we’ll be moving elsewhere in early April after 26 years of living in Kirkcaldy. It’s the end of an era and quite sad in some ways as the house is full of memories, Gordon was just 6 months old and Duncan was two years old when we moved here, but we have lots of photos to look back on. Remember the days when you used to actually get photos developed!

On Monday we had to hang around the house waiting for two removal companies to come and give us estimates for moving us all of about 5 miles, yes I’m still going to be Pining for the West as we have ended up buying another house in Fife (the east). After looking at houses from Pitlochry to the Borders and finding nothing close to suitable we had to start looking in Fife. There’s hardly anything on the market at the moment, unless you want to live by a huge river, fierce looking burn, the North Sea, a flood plain or you don’t mind having no garden at all, just concrete or mono block. Anyway, I think we’ll like the new place but you never know until you move in. We’ll just have to like it because I couldn’t face another move, I’m sure.

Both removal companies rang up after they should have been here and re-scheduled the time as they were running late! Anyway the upshot is that as I feared – we have so much ‘stuff’ that we will need one very large lorry and another one not so big. We have got rid of a lot of things but obviously not enough. I’m now worried about the weight of all our old and very solid furniture damaging our new house. But really, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t worrying about something!

8 thoughts on “Planet Joan and family stuff

  1. Hi, Katrina,
    So you have a bit of garden at your new place? That would be lovely. Keep a stack of comforting books near you at all times. Keep one in a pocket. At times most dire, I keep my children’s favorites at hand for those minutes of rest in between bursts of moving and setting up stuff.

    Thinking of you and Jack,

    • Judith,
      Thanks. Getting somewhere with a garden was a priority because I just couldn’t stand not having one. Most new houses have only enough space for a rotary clothes pole and nothing else. Fingers crossed I think we have got a good removal firm who claim they will take most of the stress, I’m still dreading it all though.

  2. Hi Katrina,
    Congratulations on finding a new house! At least you know the theatres and libraries and bookshops of Fife are still on your doorstep. You can also look forward to a summer of planning and planting your new garden. Pinterest will now come in very handy! One of my friends downsized from a big house in the north east to a bungalow in Aberfeldy last year. The problem was having to move into a holiday cottage for 3 months while they were still looking, that and all the furniture into storage. I’m so glad you’re not having to go through that. I’ll also enjoy the fact that I can still wave to you over the Forth! I’m sure all will go well.
    Thinking of you.

    • Linda,
      Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be waving back at you! The last time we moved – 26 years ago we ended up homeless because again there was just nothing coming on the market, we have a habit of getting our place sold just before Christmas, not a good time for house hunting. I dreaded that happening again because I didn’t fancy having to rent and put everything into storage as happened last time, so I’m very relieved to have found a new home, although it isn’t where we had planned to move to.

  3. I’ve offered my good wishes elsewhere, Katrina, but I am so happy you found your new home at last! Best wishes to you and Jack.

    • Evee,
      Thanks, I suppose it’ll take us a while to settle in, the whole place is a tip – we have too much of everything and should have taken stuff to charity shops before moving!

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