Armchair Travelling and Winnie the Pooh

This armchair travelling malarkey can be very surprising. A few nights ago I was innocently roaming the internet when I suddenly found myself in Philadelphia of all places – well at least half of me seemed to be there anyway, through the wonders of google chat. It was Joan of Planet Joan on the other end of course and when during our chat she found that she was a wee bit peckish she happened to mention that she had taken ME down to her basement via her Ipad or some such gadget, so that she could get a snack.

I’ve never had a house with a basement and I find the idea quite alarming, so I wanted to know if there was a wee window which you (I) could get out by in case of being somehow locked in there. Joan assured me there was a wee window, then of course I wondered exactly how wee, because I’m not quite as skelf-like as I used to be!

Immediately Winnie the Pooh came to mind, would I be like him and be stuck half-way through the window, or in his case Rabbit’s door. I just love E.H. Shepard’s illustrations

Where is all this silliness leading to I hear you ask?!

Winnie the Pooh was of course written by A.A. Milne and although he was born in England he was brought up in the very strict Scottish Presbyterian tradition, his grandfather was a Scottish Presbyterian minister. So I count A.A. Milne as a Scottish author, if you haven’t already read Winnie the Pooh you might want to do so now and count it towards the Read Scotland 2014 Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Armchair Travelling and Winnie the Pooh

  1. I don’t think either of us would have Pooh’s trouble getting through the wee window. We’d have to take the bars off first, though. This being Philly, we don’t want to make it too easy for the bad guys to get in.

    I wish I was more tech savvy so that I could have shown you the basement that Jack’s been sprucing up for so long and our little pantry down there (lest anyone thinks I went down in the basement to hunt spiders for my snack!).

    • Joan,
      I was sure there was a pantry down there, which would make it difficult to slim down if an escape through the window was required! Bars on the windows, it sounds like Glasgow used to be. We could have just gone on to video chat to see our rooms but we are on a restricted bandwidth at the moment and it eats it up. It’s because we are so rural and have no cable here. I miss our old pantry so much.

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