A Saltire in Perthshire – a portent?

We were driving in Perthshire one day last week and I spotted a Saltire in the sky! You might have heard of how Scotland’s flag (the Saltire) came to be a blue background with a white Saint Andrew’s cross on it, if not then you can read about it here.

Anyway, below is a photo of last week’s Saltire. Is it an omen for the independence referendum I wonder? I took the photo through the windscreen as Jack was driving along so it isn’t nearly as clear as it looked on the day.

A Saltire?

Oh all right, it probably is just two jet trails crossing the sky, but you never know, it might be an omen!

a saltire  from bridge

I took the photo above just a few minutes later as we were driving across the Friarton Bridge over the River Tay, just south of Perth. You can still just see the cross in the sky.

9 thoughts on “A Saltire in Perthshire – a portent?

  1. Linda and I were out in East Lothian on Tuesday, visiting garden centres and I commented on the several St Andrew’s vapour trail crosses in the sky over Merryhatton! I didn’t photograph them though!

    • Evee,
      Have you by any chance been to the Smeaton plant nursery at East Linton? We drove past it recently but it had just closed, I wonder if it’s worthwhile visiting.
      I suppose there are always cross shaped vapour trails but I’ve never noticed them before.

      • Katrina,
        Smeaton is a lovely little plant nursery. The entrance drive passes a little lake which is well worth a wander, and there are usually ducks, geese and hens wandering around. The nursery itself is in an old walled garden and has a good variety of plants, shrubs and young trees. At the foot of the walled garden is a tearoom set up in an old stone greenhouse or you can sit outside in the garden where it is so peaceful that all you hear is birdsong. They serve good soup and sandwiches and lovely cakes – yum! Try to avoid visiting on a sunny Saturday or Sunday when the tearoom can be quite busy. I never go there without buying a plant or two, even if I don’t intend to!

        • Linda,
          Thanks for the information, it sounds lovely so we’ll definitely be going there, mid week of course. We’ll also go to the Phantassie Doocot and that mill, I think they are both nearby.

          • Not far away at all. I love the old mill. It is so pretty. I echo what Linda said about Smeaton. It’s charming!

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