Balvaird Castle, Perthshire, Scotland.

Since one of our sons has moved to Errol in Perthshire we’ve been travelling along a road which we hadn’t been on before and the view of Balvaird Castle from the road is an enticing one. So a few weeks ago we were on our way back home to Fife and as we were in no hurry we decided to stop and investigate the castle. The photo below is just how it looks from the road.

Balvaird Castle

There’s a track up to the castle, it’s not too hard on the legs and it’s not long before you reach the castle.

Balvaird Castle

Some of it is in not bad condition but other parts are ruins as you can see. It all adds to the atmosphere though.

Balvaird Castle
It’s a fairly remote place but the surrounding countryside is lovely.

Balvaird Castle

The view above is of the land around the back of the castle. And below is looking over to Fife.

Balvaird Castle

The castle was built in 1500 by Sir Andrew Murray and it’s definitely worth breaking your journey to go and have a snoop around the outside of it, and it doesn’t cost anything either, unusually.

6 thoughts on “Balvaird Castle, Perthshire, Scotland.

  1. Some of my ancestors, including my grandmother were born in Errol. Great grandfather was the bank manager and insurance agent at the Union Bank and their home was above the bank. It’s since been renamed but I can’t remember its new name. It’s at the bottom of the village on the right, a beautiful building. I must look out for Balvaird next time I am up that way. It looks wonderful round there, and as Peggy advises, I might just take a blanket and picnic and sit awhile.

    • Evee,
      I had never been to Errol before Gordon moved there, it’s a nice wee place set in beautiful scenery. I must see if I can figure out which building was the Union Bank.

      • It’s almost at the bottom of the village on the main road east. Right hand side, a big stone house, with wrought iron gate, big garden! Beautiful place!

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