The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri is an Inspector Montalbano mystery, first published in 1994 although I think it wasn’t translated and published in the UK until 2003. I had seen this one on TV, I like Montalbano even although it is subtitled which means that you have to concentrate on it – no knitting or interneting at the same time!

Of course the books are police procedurals, and the setting is Sicily so inevitably the crimes are usually Mafia linked.

Two street cleaners have discovered the body of Silvio Luparello in his car. He was an engineer, well known and influential as he had Mafia links. The area he has been found in is used by prostitutes and drug dealers after dark, and the powers that be are keen to announce that the death was from natural causes, but Montalbano isn’t so sure.

Apart from the investigation there are also bits of Montalbano’s personal life and his love for the local food, with a fair few meals being described – no recipes though! It’s witty, with Montalbano getting all the best lines and although the book has 244 pages, the print is huge so it’s a quick read.

4 thoughts on “The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri

  1. I love this series, although it took me a few books to really get into it. I gave the first five to my cousin and she just doesn’t like them. So, I guess you either love them or hate them. I like the characters and the bits about Montalbano’s personal life best.

    • Joan,
      I must admit that I enjoy the TV programmes more than the only one of the books which I’ve read but that is entirely because I love seeing the locations. It’s perfect armchair travelling, and also there’s food which doesn’t make you put on weight! There’s more humour in the TV series too I think.

  2. I enjoy watching Montalbano on TV, and yes, I too have seen this story on the programme, but I just can’t get into the book. Maybe if I hadn’t seen it on TV first? When I first saw the programme Montalbano looked a lot younger and slimmer, but he has “filled out” somewhat since then. I really thought that in later episodes it was a new actor taking on the part!

    • Evee,
      There was a programme on called Young Montalbano with a completely different actor who had a beard. I can’t remember him looking much different from the beginning of the series but I have often noticed that actors often put on weight during a series – presumably because they’re in work and can afford to eat well!

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