Roses in my garden

Just a quick post tonight of some of the roses which are flowering at the moment in my garden. I really MUST dig out all my rose labels as I can’t remember what these ones are. The first one below is my favourite so far, it begins as an almost red bud and changes colour as it opens, a cracker!


This yellow one is obviously in need of some plant food as going by the leaves it’s deficient in something..




14 thoughts on “Roses in my garden

    • Peggy,
      That pink one was the first to flower and I was a bit shocked at how pink it is, it’s a climber too so it should end up all over the place.

    • Valerie,
      Some of them are fragrant but you really have to get your nose close to them, I think if it was warmer there would be more of a scent.

  1. I can smell them from here. We have a rose garden in Portsmouth, set in a building where The Cockleshell Heroes left from.

    • Joan,
      Yellow roses are usually my favourites and I have several different kinds still to bloom. I don’t know what has happened to my Paul’s Scarlet, it must be late and I think one of the yellows is a Paul’s something.

    • Lorraine,
      I will take photos soon and of the books in it. At the moment I have bunches of grasses hanging from its roof inside, hoping they will dry nicely.

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