My garden in August

Katrina's garden

Above is a photo of part of the back border of my garden. When we moved here just 18 months ago there was nothing here except grass, very rough grass at that, but already I’m having to move some plants as they’ve outgrown their space. The lilies in pots are the ones which I grow to put into any bare spots in the border but I didn’t have any gaps to fill.


Above is a close up of a lily with a salvia creeping in. I took these photos in July when everything was looking its best but it’s still quite colourful now, considering we’re reaching the back end of September.


The irises are completely over now so this is a nice reminder of how lovely they were, I must get some more iris bulbs.


The clematis is beginning to twine around the trellis of the garden seat, it has flowered quite well but the honeysuckle which I planted at the back of the seat hasn’t flowered at all yet – maybe it will next year.


This rose opens up very pale pink tinged with deeper pink as you can see, but as it ages the colour deepens. I really must dig through my plant labels to see what it’s called.

obelisk + sparrows

My garden is still very much a work in progress, as every garden is, the obelisk above is one of the more recent additions. I love the way the birds claim everything for themselves as a handy perching place. When we first moved here there were hardly any birds visiting but as soon as I started planting things they came in to have a look and see what was going on. I have sweet peas planted at the base of the obelisk and a Tayberry bush winding around it.

pergola + obelisk

If you look closely at the top of the fence you can see the birds sitting there, looking like they’re waiting in a queue, taking their turn

to enjoy a good dust bath.

orange lily

I’m looking forward to the time when the fence is more or less covered by climbing plants and shrubs, the plan is for the garden to sort of blend in with the trees on the other side of the fence, which is a wild area leading to a woodland.

17 thoughts on “My garden in August

  1. This is lovely. I especially liked the picture with the sparrows. I would be envious, because you have water and can grow plants, etc. but I should not be because I am so lazy now I probably would not have done much gardening lately anyway.

    • tracybham,
      It is hard work but on the other hand it’s quite good exercise, but I’ll be really glad when I have got rid of the grass that I don’t want, because digging up the turf is exhausting.

  2. So very pretty! I love the clematis – it’s one of my favorite plants. It will be nice to see the evolution of your garden as the years go by (I hope you’ll still be blogging!) I’m getting ready to plant some sunflowers as the weather is somewhat cooling down here now.

    • Anbolyn,
      I gave up on sunflowers as it hardly ever gets hot enough for them to do well here! I hope to be blogging for many years to come – if I’m spared – as my mother would have said, take nothing for granted! I look forward to seeing your sunflowers.

    • Joan,
      I still haven’t managed to get a photo of the magpies. The swift/swallows seem to have left the area, on their way to South Africa now I think. That is definitely the end of summer for me.

  3. All because I know fall is a short season, I “inhaled” the fragances of your flowers and gazed deeply at your photos. How beautiful, and how thankful I am that some people just love to garden and share with others!

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