Cove in Berwickshire, Scotland


A couple of days ago we went to visit our good friend Eric who lives close to this wee cove, which is actually just called Cove, in Berwickshire. As you can see the tide was fairly far in but we still managed to get a bit of a walk along the beach. At least one of the houses in the background is a holiday let, fine for a holiday but a bit too close to the sea for my liking, for all the year round living.


The nearest big place is Dunbar which was at one point quite a popular holiday destination, but this wee remote stretch of beach is far nicer and I have to say a lot more pleasant smelling than Dunbar was on the same day.


It was the houses above which I was most interested in, they’ve been built on a narrow lump of rock which is surrounded by the sea, or should I call it the Solway Firth? I’ve always said I would never want a house too close to water but these two have obviously been standing there for well over 100 years and they haven’t been washed away yet. You can see Uther the red and white setter having a good old sniff around.


I don’t think anybody lives in the houses nowadays, they seem to be just used for storing fishing gear.

Below you can see the sea wall, Jack, Eric and Uther. We knew that it was hot, in fact as hot as it had been all so-called summer, but we later discovered that despite it being the last day of September, it was hotter in Scotland than it was on the Cote d’Azure. There’s really no accounting for our weather but it makes life interesting I suppose.



If you look closely below you should be able to see a couple of scuba divers who seemed to be having fun. I’ve never done that, in fact I never will as I’m not a great swimmer, but I’d love to see what it looked like underwater there.


Jack remarked that Cove reminded him of Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire, but being a good Yorkshireman Eric of course had never been there. Well you never do get around to visiting the tourist attractions on your own doorstep do you?!

8 thoughts on “Cove in Berwickshire, Scotland

    • Peggy,
      Eric was asking after you, we’ll definitely go and visit them next time. Freya was at a school camp so we didn’t see her, she’s getting great weather for it though.

  1. I agree with Peggy – gorgeous photos. It looks like a lovely, peaceful cove. Uther is a handsome dog – as are his owner and owner’s friend! I love the stone in those old houses.

    • Joan,
      I don’t know about the first two! But Uther is certainly in great shape, he obviously gets enough exercise, unlike so many overweight dogs that I see around the streets. I would have loved a look around inside the houses, I wonder when they were last lived in by families.

  2. The photo of the cottage on the edge of the sea is a great shot. Damp as can be, I imagine, but very, very romantic. Uther is very good-looking. Do you know what kind of setter he is? I’m crazy over dogs, always have been.

    • Judith,
      Uther is a red and white setter, which I had never heard of before. He’s just like a red/Irish setter with a red and white coat. He has a lovely nature, although his owner says he is a bit stupid – poor Uther! I’m sure that that cottage must be very damp but it would be lovely for fair weather living, if we could be sure of getting a sunny summer!

  3. A very pretty place. I’m amazed at those buildings on that narrow peninsula – that they’ve stood there for a 100 years. Uther looks very nice next to them in that photo.

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