Jigsaw – The Homecoming by Thomas Kinkade

If it’s winter it’s jigsaw season and this is the second one we’ve done this winter, well it hasn’t really felt cold enough until recently.

The Homecoming jigsaw puzzle

This one is called The Homecoming, and it’s by Tomas Kinkade. It’s very American, a soldier having come off a bus draped in flags/bunting, and a yellow ribbon tied to the tree.

It was a gift from Peggy Ann when she came over to visit us last year. It’s the first US puzzle we’ve done and it seemed quite different to me as there were quite a lot of very odd shapes to deal with, but when you look closely at it now, they don’t really look all that different.

It was the usual thing with me and jigsaws – 15 minutes after beginning it I was cursing myself for doing so, then I found myself still up at 1 am – absolutely obsessed by it! It ended up being good fun although when it was finished there seemed to be one piece missing – nightmare!

After crawling all over the rug several times I found it, completely hidden in the pattern, I only found it by touch, the photo below is of our new rug which covers most of the living room laminate, I’m just not a fan of laminate in my living room and a large rug was easier than getting a fitted carpet in there, I couldn’t face moving all the furniture out again.


I love the rug, but if you drop something small on it, it’s very difficult to find it again!

8 thoughts on “Jigsaw – The Homecoming by Thomas Kinkade

  1. I love the carpet! How wonderful to be forced to spend time on hands and knees looking into it!

    I like the puzzle. The yellow ribbon is the only dead giveaway of a US puzzle to me. I thought initially that it looked rather English. Shows what I know.

    I’m so glad it gave you a good challenge.

    • Judith,
      I agree that the trees and even the house could be somewhere in the UK but the bus with the red, white and blue banner sort of thing on the back window wouldn’t be seen in the UK, there IS a wee stars and stripes somewhere, but the biggest giveaway is the mail box. Our post comes through the letterbox in our front doors of course.

    • Peggy Ann,
      It does seem a lot cosier in the living room now, and I hated the ear splitting noise you get whenever even a teeny wee thing is dropped on laminate.

  2. That annoying thing when you get to the end and there is a gap……I would hate to drop a needle on that rug!

    I must get back to my jigsaws

  3. Fun puzzle. That one looks like it does have some crazy shapes in it. Love your carpet but, yeah, I can see how you might not want to drop anything on it!

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