Classics Club Spin

Well the Classics Club spin number is 15 so that means that I have to read Franz Kafka’s The Castle for August 1st.

I must admit that I had a sharp intake of breath when I realised which book I would be reading.

I turned to Jack and said – I’ve got to read The Castle – and he gave me a big manic grin and said lucky you.

What does he know?!

6 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin

  1. I read Metamorphosis when I was a teenager and all I remember is that it was very odd about a boy who woke up to find he was an insect. It didn’t encourage me to read any more of Kafka’s books. I’ll certainly be interested in what you make of The Castle.

    • Margaret,
      Well, you’re one up one me! I’ve had a few of his books for over 30 years, it’s about time I got around to at least one of them.

  2. Katrina,
    I’ve read The Trial (adored it!) and The Metamorphosis, and a few other shorts, but have never read The Castle. I laughed a lot at Jack’s comment, and I think now you will relish the adventure. And I am lucky, because I’ll get your viewpoint on it before I consider reading it.

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