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I went to bed last night not long after the first vote was announced, Gibraltar. Something like 853 people there managed to vote for leaving the European Union. You might think that that is a very small number compared with those who voted for staying in Europe but given their situation it seemed like a bad omen that there were 800 odd people mad enough to vote that way.

So I knew then that I would wake up to an OUT win. I’m absolutely shattered and will never forgive David Cameron for being such a weak minded idiot in bowing to pressure from the loony right wing of the Conservative party, those Tories stab us every time they get power, not that Tony Blair was any better.

Scotland of course voted to stay in the European Union but as usual we will just be dragged along in England’s wake. And that’s where we differ so much from people in England. We in Scotland are well used to being ruled from afar by Westminster despite how we vote, so it was no big problem for us to have the European Parliament throwing in its rules every now and again.

As for the fishermen who are so upset by the EU fishing regulations – where were they when the miners/shipbuilders/steelmakers and just about every other industry was put out of business by UK governments?

Jack’s blogpost for today is The Price of Sovereignty.

6 thoughts on “EU Referendum Outcome

  1. Ken and I were shocked by the news this morning and for a time were glued to the set. The American press was caught broadsides, that was clear. Well, U.S. media, if all the attention you have is to bleat every word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, no wonder you were caught unawares. And to think that lump is in Scotland now, bleating how wonderful the vote was. It makes my blood boil. (My apologies to readers of this blog who think Donald is wonderful–This is just my two cent’s worth, that’s all.)
    With empathy,
    This is devastating news, and I think many Americans feel sorry for it, although not surprised at it, given everything. I feel it is a terrible loss for Britain, and I can’t believe so many people voted for it. I can’t blame Scotland one bit for wishing to try an independence vote again. But you know, I think this vote is also very scary, of how fear dominates people.

    • Judith,
      The whole thing is terrifying when you think of the wider political implications but so many brainless people can’t see beyond what’s going on in their corner, and the OUT people lied their heads off – and people believed the, already they are backtracking. They’ll find out soon enough how it changes everything and not for the better. So many people in England are already regretting how they voted, but they were well warned it would not be a protest vote but was a decision vote. Europe now want rid as fast as possible and will be as brutal as they can be I’m sure. I only hope that they smile on Scotland and allow us to be seen as still in Europe, a new referendum will definitely ditch England.
      The Scottish government should never have allowed Trump to have a toe hold in Scotland – we have enough to put up with at the moment! By the way, no apology required where Donald Trump is concerned, the man is a horror and I’ll argue that with anyone!

  2. I was really surprised by the outcome. I have heard in the news here that Scotland is going to have another vote to leave the UK. Is that true? And if so, given the Brexit thing, do you think chances are good Scotland will vote to leave the UK this time?

    From over here it sounds like things have gotten really crazy.

    • Stefanie,
      Crazy is putting it mildly. A lot of idiots behaved as if it was a like or hate Cameron referendum and the Brexit people lied there heads off, I don’t care what anyone says – that isn’t what I call democracy. It looks like there will be another independence referendum within the next two years and I suppose it depends how good or bad things are then as to what the outcome will be. Right now a lot of people who voted against independence last time are saying they will definitely vote to leave the UK. I feel as if we have left already as I don’t identify with the evil xenophobia going on in England and I am so mad at the older people who – want things to be as they were – when we had an empire!! They have trashed the lives of the younger generation, as if they didn’t have a much tougher time nowadays before all this happened. Elderly people can be very selfish, they think they’ll get higher pensions. But young people will NEVER get a pension. As you can see – I’m still fuming!

      • Yeah, I heard a radio interview where they spoke with a woman in her 60s who said she voted for Brexit for the younger generations and then they spoke to a 20-something woman who said people like the other woman are fooling themselves and they have done nothing to help but only hurt. I do hope things calm down a bit soon though it doesn’t sound likely. I don;t blame you for fuming!

        • Stefanie,
          It gets worse by the day – and we aren’t even out of the EU yet. I just wish I could wake up and discover it was all just a bad dream!

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