More Garden in mid July

garden 1

Here are just a few more photos of my garden, taken today. I was surprised to see how much it has changed since April when the photo below was taken.

my garden

garden 2

Again, it looks very different below. This is still a work in progress though as you can see from the photo below I was busy cutting away turf to make room for plants, and I still haven’t finished the work on that flower bed, more turf has to come out.

my garden

The tree right in the middle of the photo has grown a lot, it’s a cherry blossom but it hasn’t flowered yet – fingers crossed it will next year. I love those Dutch irises.

garden 3

4 thoughts on “More Garden in mid July

    • Judith,
      The Dutch irises started blooming in the second week of July, but further south they’ll be earlier than that. They only last a week or two but they are a nice splash of colour for a while.

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