Goodreads Challenge Completed

A couple of weeks ago I realised that I had overshot my Goodreads Challenge goal. I had only signed up to read 80 books this year so that I wouldn’t be under any pressure come the end of the year, and end up only reading slim volumes in order to reach my goal. You can have a look at what I’ve read so far this year here. For some reason Rumer Godden’s Battle of the Villa Fiorita appears twice.

I think I’m now at around 90 books read. It sounds like an awful lot but I do read every word and don’t read that quickly, it’s just that I’m now at that stage in life when I have the luxury of time to sit down and read more or less when I want to, reading certainly comes before housework!

I plan to get stuck into some hefty classics between now and Christmas, including some Anthony Trollopes and Walter Scotts. I think I’m getting close to completing my Classics Club Challenge of 50 classic books. I hope to get that finished by the end of the year but I will still continue with reading classics after that and just keep adding to my list.

6 thoughts on “Goodreads Challenge Completed

  1. Congratulations, Katrina!

    I put myself under even less pressure this year by not taking the Goodreads Challenge. It depressed me seeing how many books behind I was each time I went on to Goodreads and I ended up looking for short books to reach my target. I usually read between 90 – 100 books a year anyway without having a target number. I am way behind with my Classics Club Challenge, but don’t feel pressured about that as I don’t see how far behind I am. 🙂

    • Margaret,
      That was why I cut back my target number. My Classics Club list has changed a lot over the years, I’m never quite sure what counts as a classic, but I’ve decided that Viragos count, even if they are modern classics. I think that you set yourself good challenges, with your read Christie project.

  2. Excellent work. With three months to go. I am a couple ahead I think for my target. But I have been reading some chunksters so that slows it all down.

  3. How nice your Goodreads shelf looks with all the titles displayed! Well done on overshooting the challenge. My Goodreads page is massively out of date: I think it tells me I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice for 800 plus days 😉 I doubt I shall ever match those impressive totals of titles read: it’s usually between 40 and 50 for me. Not sure I’ll manage even that this year. But I remind myself: it’s all about the experience and enjoyment 🙂

  4. Congrats! I’ve been doing quite well with my Goodreads challenge. I got off to a great start early in the year and have kept up since then. My Classics Challenge list on the other hand looks unlikely to actually be completed by the five year’s end which is next year. But we’ll see.

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