Scottish Highland Book Purchases

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The photo above is of the books that I managed to buy on our brief jaunt up to the Highlands with Peggy. Some were bought at the Pitlochry railway station, a local charity has turned an old waiting room into a bookshop, and they have some great books at very reasonable prices. There’s also another second-hand bookshop just off the high street, well worth a look. I think it’s called Priory Books. I bought two there I believe.

Others I bought in Fort William in a second-hand bookshop just off the main street. It’s not that big but I’m always lucky there.

A few of these books jumped right to the top of my queue so I’ve already read three of them, but only managed to blog about one of them so far – Candleshoe.

Garden Open Tomorrow by Beverley Nichols
The Small Dark Man by Maurice Walsh
The River Monster by Compton Mackenzie
The Progress of a Crime by Julian Symons
The Wooden Overcoat by Pamela Branch
King Hereafter by Dorothy Dunnett (about Macbeth)
Quenn’s Play by Dorothy Dunnett
A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute
Candleshoe by Michael Innes
A Child’s Garden of Verses by R.L. Stevenson (illustrated by Michael Foreman)

A decent haul I think but it is a wee bit worrying that within less than two weeks I bought 24 books, apart from anything else I need another bookcase now, or maybe I should perform a book cull, but I’ve done that before and ended up regretting getting rid of some books. I might have a six months cooling off period for them in the garage and see how I feel about them after that.

Have you bought many books recently?

8 thoughts on “Scottish Highland Book Purchases

  1. The Progress of a Crime by Julian Symons sounds interesting to me. I have The Wooden Overcoat, haven’t read it yet and will be interested to see how you like it. I haven’t read anything by Nevil Shute but I plan to.

  2. I bought King Hereafter recently as well but I haven’t read it yet. I regret some books I have gotten rid off so I think the cooling off period is a great idea.

  3. Nice haul. I also love A Town Like Alice. And a Children’s Garden of Verse is a much-loved children’s favourite: I still have my own childhood copy. Like you, I have grand culls periodically and then invariably regret some that have gone. I’m very wary now. But also like you, I have brought masses of books in the last few months – far more than I can keep up with. I’m trying to stop myself – really I am!

    • Sandra,
      I’ve put myself on book buying bans from time to time, but they never last long as I can’t walk past a charity bookshop – and after all, it’s for charity!

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