Boston, Lincolnshire, England

We are due to set off on another trip fairly soonish and I realised that I haven’t blogged about all the places we visited in May, so here are a few photos of the original Boston. We hadn’t been there before, it was bigger than I had expected.

Boston 10

It’s quite a nice place as I recall, although I don’t remember an awful lot about it.

Boston 9

Apart from the fact that we did get some very strange and quite worrying looks from people as we were taking photographs. This is definitely not tourist country. They have a nice big sort of town square though as you can see, and it all looks very clean and tidy. I think I bought some books in a charity shop there – but that’s no surprise!

Boston 6

I do remember this huge church which is just about right in the centre of the place. It’s called St Botolph’s and is one of the biggest churches in England. From a distance I thought it must be a cathedral.

Boston 5

So there you go, I’m sure it’s quite different from that other Boston in MA. If you’re interested you can see more images of Boston here.

8 thoughts on “Boston, Lincolnshire, England

  1. It is very different from my Boston. I find it interesting that in my Boston there’s a St. Botolph Street, as well as the St. Botolph Club, one of those private clubs founded in the late 1800s. Here’s what they say on their web site:

    The name of St. Botolph was derived from the VIIth century abbot around whose monastery in the fens of East Anglia Botolph’s Town, later corrupted to Boston, sprang up. Botolph thus became patron saint of Boston, England and latterly to the new city in Puritan New England. He was known for his kindly spirit and good humor, these attributes are continually celebrated at number 199 Commonwealth Avenue.

    I didn’t know any of that.

  2. I’ve been to Boston a few times – though not recently – as I have an aunt and cousins who live in Lincolnshire. All I really remember of it is the church, which is known locally as The Stump (because of the shape of the tower while it was being built, I think).

    • Helen,
      We were just passing through on our way back home from our trip to Holland and Belgium – or on the way there. The Stump – what a strange thing to call it, it certainly doesn’t look like a stump now.

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