Remembrance Sunday

You might know that earlier in the year we visited Ypres now known as Ieper in Belgium. Whichever direction you turn there’s a World War 1 cemetery or memorial. When we saw a sign to the Liverpool Scottish Memorial pointing down a wee farm track we decided to visit it.

Liverpool Scottish Memorial near Ypres

Bumping along the track I could see a tractor in the distance ploughing a field, a dangerous occupation in that area, but someone has to do it. From time to time tractor drivers are killed when they inadvertently pull up an old shell.

Shell Crater near Ypres

It’s all very peaceful now and to the left of the memorial is a field with cows in it. To the right of it is a small wooded area and we went for a walk in it. What an atmospheric place, I wouldn’t say it was exactly spooky, I think I’m a very level headed person normally but honestly I could feel the presence of the soldiers who are no doubt lying in the ground, best left in peace amongst the trees now I think.

Shell Crater near Ypres

4 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Katrina,
    I believe I’ve experienced something similar to what you described happened to you. At the beginning of my years of research for my Civil War Women book, I visited the Battlefields at Gettysburg (PA), while on a research trip to Richmond, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
    I was lucky to have a solo tour with a woman guide, who herself had researched women’s involvement in this battle. We drove all over Gettysburg all day, and I was stunned by the overwhelming sensation of “presence” or something. I’m not being articulate at the moment, but at all the battle sites at Gettysburg, I sensed I felt the presence of the souls (men and women) who had fallen there on both sides.
    Everyone I have ever spoken to who has toured and walked the battlefields at Gettysburg has agreed that they felt it too.

    So I am sure that what you felt was something similar to this.
    Best wishes,

    • Judith,
      It sounds like you know exactly what I mean then. It must have been a great experience to walk over those battlefields. Places definitely soak up and retain something from the past. It’s a part of history that Jack and I are also interested in, and if we could beam over we’d be there. Well after four years or so maybe!

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