Scenery in Perthshire, Scotland

Last week we pointed the car north to Perthshire, just because it was a gorgeous blue sky day and we wanted to grab it while we could, before the cold days of winter set in. Again I was looking for some autumn colour.

aautumn trees 1

I managed to snap all of these photos from the car, of course Jack was driving!

autumn trees 8

The fields still have their rolls of hay in them, maybe not as romantic looking as a haystack though, if you’re of that turn of mind.

autumn trees 11

You can see the beautiful Perthshire hills in the distance.

autumn trees 12

And a wee bit closer.

autumn trees 13 crop

Some rather ancient and dilapidated farm buildings, quite scenic looking as you go past.

autumn trees 19

Civilisation – after a fashion! This is the outskirts of a wee place called Logierait, on the way to Aberfeldy. We would go to Dunkeld later, but I’ll keep that for another time.

autumn trees 14

7 thoughts on “Scenery in Perthshire, Scotland

  1. Since my husband and I didn’t make it to the mountains this fall to enjoy the foliage, I am enjoying it through the lenses of friends both close by and far away in Scotland! Living in Florida leaves me longing for seasonal change….


    • Paula,
      I moan about the cold and the dark days of winter, but I must admit that I wouldn’t like to live somewhere that didn’t have proper seasons.

  2. What a beautiful day and a beautiful drive. I think those rolls of hay, which we have in the U.S., too, look like something that aliens left after they zipped off in their spaceship.

    • Joan,
      They DO look like that. Some people here go hay bale jumping as entertainment, not my idea of fun and I don’t fancy having an irate farmer running after me!

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