Jigsaw Season

jigsaw puzzle

Winter means jigsaw season for me, so between Christmas and New Year I cracked open this one of a vintage railway poster from the 1930s. I love these posters – and jigsaws, so for me it was a perfect combination. The puzzle has one thousand pieces and I think it must be the most difficult puzzle I/we’ve ever tackled.

After a couple of days I nearly gave up because I seemed to be almost at a standstill, but eventually we made some decent progress, it took almost a week to complete it though.

We have another couple of new puzzles to do over this winter. The masochist in me almost tidied this one away to start another one, but the sensible bit of me decided to leave it a wee while before starting another one.

8 thoughts on “Jigsaw Season

  1. Me too! I’m doing one that was a Christmas present from my nephew made from a photograph of their visit in the summer. It takes me ages to complete a puzzle, so I do like to leave it made up for a while before starting another one.

    • Margaret,
      It has been there for nearly a week now and we’re at the stage where books and ‘stuff’ are being placed on top of it so it must be time to clear it away – I can’t make up my mind about starting a new one though.

  2. That looks like a fun one! Do you take them and put them back in the box when you are done? And if so, do you ever do them again? My father-in-law used to do puzzles a lot and he would glue them and hang them in the garage. He has about two dozen hanging up but ran out of room which might be why he doesn’t do puzzles much any longer.

    • Stefanie,
      Usually I just take them apart and stick them in a cupboard thinking I might do it again sometime, or sometimes pass them on to a friend. Jack has several old ones of International Exhibitions and World Fairs that he has framed and has hung up in his study, but there’s not so much wall space in this new house, it’s all very congested!

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