More of Bruges

Second square

Bruges – or Brugge if you prefer, depending on whether you are speaking French or Flemish – they both mean ‘bridge’ anyway – smells mainly of chocolate due to all the chocolate shops around, and the cafes and restaurants serving waffles with chocolate sauce. I have to admit that occasionally there is a whiff of what I will politely call drains, it’s a fact that old places also have ancient drainage systems.

Second square

Bruges is full of grand buildings set around several squares, some of these ones are just local government buildings I think.

Second square
Others are really old like these two, there were queues of schoolkids going up the stairs most of the time we were there, so we decided to give that sightseeing opportunity a miss – whatever the building was!

Second square

4 thoughts on “More of Bruges

    • Valerie,
      YES it IS. You are such a good researcher! We didn’t go in because loads of schoolchildren had just gone in and in any case I’m not so keen on those very grand religious places, I much prefer the atmosphere of teeny wee churches.

    • Paula,
      If you ever do go you should make time to go on the boat trip, that way you get a good view of buildings you wouldn’t otherwise see well.

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