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St Salvator’s in Bruges is quite different from the only other St Salvator’s church that I know of, it’s in St Andrews University and is known fondly as St Sally‘s.

St Salvatore

They are well off for churches in Bruges, below is the Church of Our Lady

St Salvatore

We in Britain are used to underground car parks but this was new to me, an underground bicycle park.

Bicycle Park

I was quite amazed by that as there seem to be thousands of bikes parked on streets, I wonder how many bikes are taken into Bruges every day.

Like Ypres (Ieper) Bruges is a moated city and it still has a medieval gatehouse.


It makes for a very scenic entrance into town.

Bosky Dell

Bosky Dell

I took these ones from the bridge leading into the town, it’s a lovely tranquil area and other tourists seemed to have neglected to wander here, which was a plus for us!

Bosky Dell

4 thoughts on “More Bruges

  1. The impression I get from your pictures is that Bruges is a peaceful and beautiful town. It’s nice to see the areas that aren’t full of tourists.Most of us in America can’t imagine needing that much parking space for bicyles!

    • Paula,
      Bruges is a lovely place. Belgium and Holland are just full of people on bikes, of course they don’t have hills to contend with! What amazed me is that nobody seemed to bother even chaining them up although apparently they do that in big cities.

    • Judith,
      I don’t think the weather there is that bad, it was good for us anyway although Belgium and Holland are both sort of dampish, but then so is most of northern Europe. Thankfully it doesn’t have the heat and the bugs of the tropics!

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