Rolling Stone by Patricia Wentworth

I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of Patricia Wentworth’s Miss Silver books but Rolling Stone (first published in 1940) is the first book that I’ve read of hers which isn’t a Miss Silver mystery. I was on a ferry sailing to Belgium when I started reading this one and coincidentally Rolling Stone begins in Belgium.

Peter Talbot has just booked into a hotel in Brussels and he realises that the man in the room next to his is in a very bad way. Spike Reilly is feverish and delirious and it’s obvious that he’s dying. Peter Talbot is intrigued by some of the things he has heard him say and despite the fact that he is on an assignment for his uncle – Frank Garrett of the Foreign Office – on the spur of the moment Peter decides to change identity with Reilly, swapping over passports and following clues that lead to a grand country house in England where a painting is stolen.

More crimes pile up and the search for Maud Millicent Simpson – England’s most deadly woman – is on. The only problem is that as she’s a master/mistress of disguise, nobody knows what she looks like.

I really enjoyed this one which has been published as an e-book by Dean Street Press. I downloaded it for free a few weeks ago and I think it’s still possible to do that now, have a look anyway if you’re interested at

6 thoughts on “Rolling Stone by Patricia Wentworth

  1. When I read a book set in the place I’m visiting, I find it adds extra dimensions to both book and locality, enriching my experience of each.
    “Rolling Stone” sound like an intriguing story!

    • Valerie,
      I always like when I can really imagine the places mentioned, because I’ve actually been there. You should try to get a free download from Dean Street Press.

    • Joan,
      It is truly amazing how often it happens, the madeleines and Proust thing was truly spooky, four mentions of it inside two days!

  2. I’ve been enjoying the stories without Miss Silver (while still expecting her to appear), but I haven’t come across this one yet.

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