Aurlandsfjord, Norway

From Lysefjord we sailed into Aurlandsfjord which turned out to be even more spectacular. It’s a branch of the much larger Sognefjord as in the map below. If you look to the right hand side of the map you will see Aurlandsfjord.

Sogne Fjord map

The photographs don’t look that wonderful, it was a grey day, but I think you can get a flavour of the ethereal atmosphere with the wispy low clouds.


I think of Norway as being just like Scotland – with knobs on! It always amazes me that trees can thrive in such grim growing conditions, this is a very heavily wooded mountainside and the trees have their roots in the rocks.

Aurlandsfjord mountains

Aurlandsfjord leads to the small town of Flam (pronounced flom as in from) and on the way there there are small communities, wherever there are some small patches of greenery people have settled there. These pieces of fertile land are few and far between, most of Norway is too rocky for growing crops. That was the whole reason that the Vikings had to get on their ships and look for somewhere else to live, the land couldn’t support all of the inhabitants.

Aurlandsfjord houses

Some of these houses are only lived in during the summer, they look idyllic to me but I can imagine that the winters are long and grim.

Aurslandfjord houses

I was quite happy with our grey sky views of the fjord but if you want to see other people’s blue sky photos have a look here.

The next Norway post will be of Flam.

6 thoughts on “Aurlandsfjord, Norway

  1. We cruised up the fjord on a small boat, to Pulpit Rock. My photos are similarly dark and rainy…not my preferred state, to be sure. We enjoyed the day, anyway – finding a pub on the waterfront with overhead heating on the patio. Very welcome on that very drizzly day.

    • Carolyn,
      I remember seeing your photo of Pulpit Rock a while ago. We were lucky not to get rained on, it seems it rains around 300 days in every year there.

      • I could never live in Norway – much as I couldn’t live in Scotland. As lovely as it can be, all that grey and dreary would have me clinically depressed in short order, I fear. I’m a sunshine, blue skies kind of person.

        • Carolyn,
          Luckily we do get quite a lot of blue sky days here, but of course there might be snow on the ground too. It’s funny, I remember Twiggy came back to live in the UK saying she couldn’t stand day after day of blue sky sunshine in LA, she longed for a mixture of grey skies.

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