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A wee while ago someone asked me for some before and after photos of my garden, we moved to our new place in 2014 and the garden was just a sea of very weedy grass. There’s an awful lot less grass now, but what is left is still pretty weedy. I’m still cutting into the turf to gain planting space though, I’m a bit of a plantaholic I suppose. The photos are all of the area where we situated the summerhouse, mainly because the previous owners of the house took their summerhouse with them and we couldn’t shift the concrete blocks that they had used as a base.

Here you go then, that area of the garden from 2014 when we moved in, to 2017.

New Garden

And a few months later

summerhouse (gazebo)

March 2016
my garden

August 2017
garden path

July 2015
garden Summer house

July 2016

garden 3

Sadly although the summerhouse (posh garden shed) looks nice it has turned out not to be fit for purpose. I had intended to keep lots of my books in there and did have three bookcases full of them in it. Then I realised that during the winter the glass was full of condensation – not good for books. I had to run out there and fill my clothes basket with the books – several trips, and find space in the house for them.

It’s particularly annoying because the summerhouse in the old house was just a cheap one from B&Q and I had no trouble at all with it. This new one cost more than double the previous one, so it just shows you that the most expensive is not always the best!

14 thoughts on “Garden – before and after

  1. Lovely! And how satisfying it must be to see the garden’s evolution. A pity about the summerhouse though. It looks so pretty. It must still be a perfect spot to sit and read – just taking one book at a time!

    • Sandra,
      The summerhouse is handy, I have a table and a couple of basket chairs in there as well as lots of gardening stuff and my plant labels. It’s good for drying lavender in in the summer.

  2. Your garden is beautiful. Yes we also would have loved to have a collection of books in our summerhouse , but found that books and magazines get damaged ,mostly over winter ,if we,ve left them out there ,by some sort of burrowing insect that leave shallow trail like burrows, no idea what ,but I dont want any of my precious vintage books damaged like that ! I love your pretty Geraniums . Hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are today .

    • Daisy Debs,
      I had no idea that we have insects in the UK that burrowed into paper, or maybe it’s only in the warmer places such as Cornwall! Today was lovely here, blue sky and sunny but I didn’t garden as we’ve had so much rain the garden is squelching. I did some needlepoint instead.

  3. That is so impressive. You created something gorgeous from nothing. It is a pity you can’t keep your books in the summerhouse but it must still be a peaceful place to sit and enjoy your hard work. I wish I had your gardening talent.

    • Jennifer,
      Thanks, but gardening is fairly easy, it’s keeping the weeds down that’s difficult. The summerhouse is good for having a rest in when I want to straighten my back out after all the bending!

    • Valerie,
      Thanks for that link. Jack and I thought that it might be silverfish, I’ve never seen any but people in the UK certainly know of them although that link doesn’t say they live in the UK. Daisy Debs lives in Cornwall I believe.

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