Winter garden and trees

Winter garden 2

As you can see the snow is back, luckily it has been coming and going, just hanging around for a couple of days and returning after a few weeks, I can cope with that – and so can the garden.

Winter garden 1

Just a couple of days after this lot melted I was able to get out there and plant some spring bulbs. I’m itching for the spring to come – as usual I have so many garden projects I want to get stuck into, a garden is never finished, and I have to move a tree or two to make way for – more exciting trees. But as I type the snow is back, mustn’t grumble though as it is January after all.

Winter garden 8

The trees in the photo above though – I get for free as they’re the woodland just beyond my back garden. My favourite is the larch which is just left of centre, but I love them all.

Winter garden 9

There are two birds flying in the centre of the photo above, I think they might just be magpies but they may be buzzards, we get a lot of birds of prey around here.

As a bit of a tree-hugger I was interested in watching a recent BBC programme about Judi Dench and her love for trees, she has a six acre garden which is mainly woodland and commemorates deceased family and friends by planting trees in memory of them, such a lovely thing to do. If you get a chance to you should watch Passion for Trees, there’s a wee taster of it below.

11 thoughts on “Winter garden and trees

    • Margaret,
      I thought you might have been inundated. I don’t mind the snow if we don’t have to take the car out on the roads, there are too many idiots about who just abandon cars for no good reason.
      I’ll be watching that Judi Dench programme again when they have it on again.

  1. Lovely shots! I miss the snow; it’s a great rarity down here I understand although we’re off to Dartmoor in a day or so and the moors quite often get a sprinkling. I missed Judi’s programme on trees but I may be able to catch it i-player. I did watch a delightful documentary about her just the other day. She’s wonderful!

    • Sandra,
      I’m really not used to snow as where I grew up in the west of Scotland rarely got snow, the hills sheltered us somehow. I’m sure that tree programme will be on again – and I’ll be watching it.

  2. I think gardens look lovely with a bit of snow. It allows you to see the definition and structure better. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of perusing a garden catalog. For the first time in about 13 years, I’ll be able to buy plants for my new gardens! I find myself gravitating toward ones I had in my old gardens, but there are some new ones that look nice, too.

    • Joan,
      That’s what I’ve been doing too, which is fair enough as you know exactly what to expect if you’ve grown it before. Sometimes gardening catalogues are as misleading as politicians. I can imagine you’ll be like a kid in a sweetie shop though, I know I would be!

  3. No snow this far south. Normally serious if we get it.

    I am already on my second bunch of daffodils (bought) and wishing for spring just like you.

    The tree programme was very delightful and interesting.

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