Classics Club Spin number 17

Well the Classics Club Spin number has been chosen, it’s number 3 so the book that I’ll have to read before April 30th is Sir Walter Scott’s Bride of Lammermoor.

That’s fine by me as I’ve been meaning to read that one for ages. My copy which was published by Richard Edward King Limited originally belonged to Jack’s grandfather so it’s very old, but strangely it has no publication date on the front. The print is very small so although it’s only 316 pages long that probably translates to over 600 pages in a more modern print size. I think I’ll download it from Project Gutenberg so I can read it on my Kindle, or get a more modern copy.

Did you take part in the spin, and are you pleased with what you have to read?

10 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin number 17

    • Sandra,
      I see you’ve got The Bell Jar, I read it not all that long ago and I think you’ll find it fine but a bit sad given what she did.

  1. I’ve only read Ivanhoe by Scott, which I enjoyed. This one sounds good – so I’m looking forward to reading your review. The Lammermuir Hills are not very far from me – a bit of local interest to me. We’ve driven nearby many times, but always on the way to our son’s, so not had time to explore – would love to do so!

    • Margaret,
      Sorted! We’ve been meaning to go to his house at Abbotsford for years but whenever we’re down that way we always seem to be in a hurry and on the way to somewhere else. We should make a proper trip just to that area – as should you!

      • Yes – we stopped there once and had a drink in the cafe but it was near closing time, so not long enough to go round the house, but we saw the exhibition in the Visitor Centre. It’s a beautiful house. Sad how we’re often in such a hurry to get somewhere else.

        Have you been to Smailholm Tower, Scott’s ancestors’ ancient tower? Scott lived at Sandyknowe Farmhouse, the Scott family house for a while when he was a very young child, where his grandmother told him Border stories. The Tower is well worth a visit.

        • Margaret,
          No we haven’t been to Smailholm Tower, that’s another place to add to the list. If we get a half decent summer we’ll definitely go to the Borders. Thanks for the info.

  2. That’s a good result. I’ve read some of Scott’s other books but not that one, so I’ll be interested to hear more about it. I have The Pirate on my Classics Club list, but didn’t include it in the spin this time.

  3. I’ve never read anything by Scott so look forward to your post. I’m very happy with my Spin pick, I got One Fine Day by Mollie Panter-Downes.

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