Mull of Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway

Last year we visted the furthest north point of Scotland so this year we couldn’t miss out on visiting the furthest southerly point of Scotland in Dumfries and Galloway. The Mull of Galloway lighthouse is one of the many designed and built by the Stevenson family which the writer Robert Louis Stevenson belonged to.

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

Mull of Galloway Info Board

Jack was determined to stand on the very most southerly point which just happened to be where the foghorn is located. Thankfully it’s no longer in use. There are lots of steps down to it which was fine going down, not such fun on the way up though!
Foghorn from path

Below is a photo of the foghorn from the lighthouse, there was a real pall of sea mist (haar) so there was no chance of being able to see Ireland or the Isle of Man that day.
Foghorn from Lighthouse

The coastline is very rocky and dangerous as you can see and there seemed to be nobody around who was mad enough to hang off the rocks or cliffs as they did when we were up in Orkney last year.
Mull of Galloway rocks

It looks like we had the place to ourselves but it was very busy, especially considering it was quite late on in the day. Anyway, that’s another thing ticked off our non-existent bucket list.

6 thoughts on “Mull of Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway

  1. I agree with Sandra’s comment above: there is something so evocative about lighthouses – of beacons in the dark, danger averted, guiding lights, brave voyagers, maritime history, endurance and courage.
    What a dramatic landscape.
    Glad you got to the very southernmost point!

    • Valerie,
      I clearly remember learning about lighthouses in primary school, Grace Darling and such and I always fancied the life. Sadly they’re all automated nowadays and sometimes have been turned into holiday homes, the locations are always spectacular. You might be interested in reading Bella Bathurst’s book called The Lighthouse Stevensons. It’s a great read about how they were built.

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